There is something mystic the way words or objects can gain unprecedented focus in your life if only for an hour or a day or a week. Currently it is the tamborine. Someone at work suffered a tamborine injury while on a leadership training course.
Incidentally, I didn’t know you could be trained in being a leader.. manager yes.. but a leader.. hmm I would argue extensively on that. However the underarm line is tamborines.
Today, I found a tamborine in the bed.
I have only some idea where it came from.
Perhaps it was because this month I watched Dangerous Minds and inhaled the whole hidden meaning of Tamborine Man. Whatever it is I am being chased by real and phantom tamborines and it doesn’t matter what media I indulge in, there will be a tamborine.
They are just so damn ridiculous. Nothing says “hey I’m confused” better than someone with a tamborine.. oh ok smartarse maybe a sign pinned on their shirt that says “hey I’m confused” might do a better job but only just. Jingle jangle.

So what can I do about this? Thinking of making a list of these random reoccurring nouns.. just in case the universe is trying to tell me something. Possibly that I’m confusing everyone.



What on earth is Tony Barber doing on television in 2008?
I’ve been smacked in the eyeballs by a tv ad because Tony Barber is on it and it makes no sense.
Neither did meatloaf or porridge or cocktail frankfurts but I ate all of those in the same disgruntled fashion that I watched Tony on Sale of the Century. But that was when I was a child! I was force fed. Now as I sit hear injecting small doses of science through tv documentaries I am seriously grieved by the appearance of Tony. Oh and he has is partnered by a silversoaked somebody who smiles like her face is being pulled by invisible hands. And a very real Tony hand is sneaking around her waist. I miss the content of the ad because I’m calculating whether she would be 30 or 40 years younger than he. Don’t these people THINK about that kind of thing. Who writes these ads anyway?
More mumbling.
I haven’t really got much against meatloaf or porridge any more. Age has diluted my tastes which is probably why I buy more and more expensive food. It is compensation. A big juicy apology with all the truffle trimmings I can afford. What I will not stomach however is Tony Friggin Barber on my television! It is an attack. Some director some agent some industry silly has done this on purpose and they will never comprehend the damage. Consequently I am sure they will unleash another barrage of idiocy in my direction sometime soon.