Stock Market

Kat decided to tell me in her own sweet way that a stock market that didn’t allow a three year old to invest was a “silly stockmarket”



The crazy thing is that it is just too crazy. The people that queued and then were embarrassed to be spotted in the queue. So you want the cool gadget but to be cool you’ve just got to have one – not appear desperate to one want… or something.
I don’t know.
For my part there is already too much noise in life. Even in the quiet of my house when there is no music and no traffic and the only real sounds are my bird and the fire crackling away. There is this electronic buzz. All this media swirling through the air. Its like I’m being bombarded by xrays made up of copy and images and sounds. I can hear it. A shrill scraping across my bones. Like the sound that your feet can make in dry sand. Harsh and high and everywhere all at once.
And my ears will not stop growing bigger! Every day another millimetre like ever fine-tuning radar dishes. I am picking up more and more of this modern chaos. Passive smoking? They should outlaw passive producing. All this content being produced everywhere – its toxic. It gets into my head and my lungs and my soul. It makes me cough and gasp and look for an escape but there isn’t one. Everyone, everywhere producing. Mass creativity on all levels everywhere. Noise and more noise and more noise and no bloody air filters anywhere.
I tell you this in the knowledge of my hypocrisy.
In my great mound of accumulated binaries.
Where I place my flag and wave surrender.
And yet there is no-one to surrender to – everyone else is in the same predictament. Playfully fondling their consumerism, under the dirt on the field of modernity, carefully recording more content on their oh its so so shiny iPhones.