Five ways to write nonsense

Another random rumbling from the stomach and possibly bowels of my brain.

Five absolute ways to write nonsense – hopefully. Guaranteed 1% success rate* If followed with an unhealthy diet and lack of sunshine.


3. Start with nothing. Have no ideas and no point and absolutely no direction.

A. Add salt and vinegar chips because let’s face it, every piece of writing needs fat.

ii] Ignore structure sentence and/or/with grammar.

1c) Always mispel at least won word and too more if you are feeling confident.

X. Avoid deep characters and/orĀ  well researched fact – these are just plain hard work and writing nonsense should not really be more difficult than following these ten easy steps.


Realise this post constitutes my last for 2008 I think – unless my computer is on tomorrow night and then it will be a much longer tirade no doubt. One day I will start to do things properly – but not this year.