My tip for feeling better about cold weather.

In Australia we take any change into cold weather as a massive kick in the head. While the fashionistas will tell you this is the perfect time to race out and buy that beautiful winter coat with matching hat and gloves and scarf, I say there is a cheaper way to handle the change.

Play a Christmas song.

Yes, that doesn’t make much sense because our Christmas is always bright and yellow and red and green. It is never white or grey. But put on Winter Wonderland Christmas carol and suddenly you feel what you want to feel at Christmas (all rugged up with snowflakes on your nose).

I know it is a but silly but it actually works. I feel all compassionate and full of family love and friendship. I don’t like the cold but the warm honey tones of a christmas carol complete with sleighbells does help. It makes me think there is a point to be completely and utterly freezing.

That is probably just the joy of hot chocolate.



Victoria Peach, oh so lovely, with her ringlets and her rings and the pet ringtail possum she keeps in her oroton bag – the one with the rings.

Everything is hers to be had, which isn’t so bad except that her dad didn’t know you shouldn’t give a girl a ringtail possum to keep in her bag.

Great” she smat in her smooshy smarmy voice “a rat, thanks Dad”.

Even though she knows its a possum, she sees no reason not to torture the father with teases about how dumb she’s become. It just is the season, this fashion a lesion, to be dumber and dumber than you really are.

Minky the possum, didn’t feel so slinky stuffed in the bag with the rings. She thinks a bird sings but its a mobile that rings amongst the bag things. Drives one little ringtail completely mad.

Intelligence aside, there is no place to hide when a possum in a fuss panics on a bus and screams and scratches to be let outside.

That’s it”, the outcry, “I almost died”. Peachy pleas with her parents to please go and buy, a car for a carriage if she’s forced to carry the bag with the crazy possum inside.

Everythings quiet, there’s no more riot but Victoria’s a cow ( I think we know that now) . And what about Minky? She’s back in her bush home. Completely happy with a stolen iPhone.

Synergies of Serendipity

So I was talking about how easy I think it would be for a brand to get involved in twitter in just a little way.. just a little.. and that’s what IKEA are finally doing in Australia.. yippee Next I’d like to get the gourmet pizza shop down from my house working with twitter.  mmmm pizza.

I was also talking about was the importance of attitude and I had a  discussion about this today too.  Oh the concurrency or costcurrency of thought. Except I am still thinking of ladylist with her Field Guide to Fun. I can’t help it. Life is too short for all the sinseriousity.

What else? @maadonna on twitter having a go at (I presume) the Hoyts website for its structure. Yes Yes – websites need to deliver these main user tasks or what is the point? Local pool is getting RIGHT. Local gym is getting it WRONG. Timetables NOT uploaded on time and classes always backtofront but not in that spiritual yoga way. Forget the web local gym stick to spraying your instructors in fake sweat to intimidate us fatties.

Lastly my husband drove me to and from work today which was really nice and made me feel like a young girl again. I put my feet up on the dashboard and let my headachy head drop against the seatbelt. While I looked out hungrily at the landscape peeling away I wondered if he’d buy me some salt&vinegar chips. It did not happen. No chips for you!

I am guessing this is because despite all my midnight mind moulding – he is still my perfectly loveable opposite.

Influencing Reads

I’ve been trawling (because I suck at surfing) ye olde world wide web lately and have managed to get a few things in my inter-net. Not sure how much is nonsense, how much is insightful and how much is just ripped off from someone else’s site.  I’m not even sure if I am the target audience, if the piece is still relevant, if I should read more about it or whether it will take a bowl of nachos and some tequila to clear it all away. The fact is the following things have in some way influenced the way that I am thinking right now. Add these to the amount of Dr Seuss I read – and you have a fascinating concotion in my head. This list is not definitive or defined. It hasn’t been to a single pump class. I’m sure it can be enhanced.

Web Strategy by Jeremiah Owyang
Infamous How To Catch A Fish Post:

My ramble:
I have no idea how many times I’ve said fish where the fish are. In Marketing meetings, in agency meetings, in webteam meetings,  to my kids in the bathtub, to the plumber coming to fix the bathtub. It is a keeper people.

MrTweet Blog
Twitter Coffee Shop Example:

My ramble:
To me this is such an easy thing for any business to do.  So easy – why are you NOT doing this?
I am still waiting for a decent answer.
Adam Sarner ideas about Generation V:

My ramble:
OK so this is a little old now – but how funny is this whole generation thing? Let’s argue for six hours brothers about what makes a generation. The bottom line is that anyone that can give something a new label creates a new market. It is advertising adding “NEW and IMPROVED” to Generation Whatever. I don’t care if you think I’m a simpleton. Everyone loves a label.

So old – so relevant! Smashing The Clock

My ramble:
It just makes sense. But of course I would say that as I’ve worked from home for quite a long time. Let the measure of performance be results.

The Quote Database

My ramble: Because this makes me remember that conversations always will be the killer application.

Twitter & China in 2009: What We Could See

My ramble: I am being influenced by what I see happening in China at the moment. It is exciting, scary and just so yummy. I mean the dumplings alone are worth way more than you have to pay for them from a sidestreet seller. Think about all those dumplings. Just imagine. What if you could eat them and never get sick or fat or tired of dumplings? China would be heaven. Ok so overpopulation, strict Internet filters, notoriously awful human rights violations and a copyright shelflife for applications of under 6 seconds aside… it is still an awesome place. Don’t you think?

Warringah Aquatic Centre

My ramble: Look I am not saying it is a pretty website. It is not flashy. But it gets the job done… and that’s what websites SHOULD be doing. Getting the friggin job done, not showcasing the latest designer widget thingamajiggy. If I want to find which lanes are available at my local pool TODAY so I can go and impersonate a dugong – then the website should tell me. It does. I am thankful.

Singing a song

I remember being about 10 and entering a local singing competition. That’s right. You heard it first right here on WildPariahPark. I thought my voice was so good that I entered a competition.

But you know what, I didn’t think I was a good singer or a bad singerl. I just wanted to sing a song. Everybody can sing right? While shows like Australian Idol educate us to the contrary, I stood in defiance.  Supported by my teacher on his battered guitar I sang my song and actually won something.

So could I sing? Or was it just my enthusiasm, my smile, my small-town-big personality approach? I am sure to this day that doing well in competition often has something to do with your ability. However, ability without the right approach will not get you far.  Maybe I learnt that from the teacher who quoted me “It is not your aptitude that determines your altitude but your attitude”.

Incidentally it wasn’t the same teacher as the one on the guitar. Guitar-dude let us dance the spelling list each week. Aptitude-lady kept a todo list of how to be spontaneous.

Happy Easter

I’m not ready yet to tell my children that Easter is about the son of God being brutally tortured and punctured by spears and slung up on nails on a cross. I know some would argue it is no worse than when ObiWan cuts off a beasties arm in the Cantina scene during Star Wars. So I am trying to focus on the new life side of the equation.

The problem with that is that I am not feeling very renewed at the moment.  Work has gotten me down. Actually the whole financial crisis thing has gotten me down. But focusing just on my life, because the other is a big unruly thing, work is getting me down.

But you know what, it happens. Proverbially and all of that. Now I have to turn my attention to what will be… not what could have been.  I’ve had a fantastic time at my current job and my biggest disappointment is that I only flew half-way up the mountain.

The magic is, the miracle and the grace and the truth is, that I did indeed fly.

I’d like to consult, I’d be overjoyed to inspire,  I’d love to write, I want to be close to my kids. I want to win, I need to achieve, I live to challenge and be the different thing. A fluke artist is a cat that not only always lands on her feet but also creates artwork with her paws.

Let’s dream together tonight.

What will happen next in the saga of Kristy Monica Napier nee Darby? New life?

Happy Easter all!

Looking out – Part Two

It is dark this morning, as it is every morning now we’ve been robbed the convenience of daylight saving.  It isn’t quiet though, the birds are arguing. It isn’t singing. Bird song is something that floats on the wind. This morning chaos of sound is a fight wanting to be heard. Hear me hear me, wake up world and hear me. All of them, all at once in a loud petulance and impatience of sorts.

Only the steady beat of the drum gives us focus. Only this consistent well spaced thumping prevents us joining the pointless crackling and cackling. It makes us believe no-one would hear us even if we screamed.