Pleasures of the Open Minded Fool

I have had the lucky fortune to always work for open-minded people. Sometimes they have been my immediate boss, sometimes they have been someone higher up the cliched ladder. Regardless it has been bliss and maybe ingnorance too nevertheless  I love these people. The ones who are brave enough to have an open mind. The ones that look ahead not into the past. The ones that courageously continue to learn instead of letting their minds wither and die in the swirling pool of, this is what has always been done and this is the way it must be done.

The ones who never say “be realistic” but instead say “be better”.

I think it is a kind of ignorance I have now.  I do not know what it means to just rote and be content. I have a thirst to be better, to be unique, the different thing, the future and the risk taker. To grow a business and a family and a life and a garden too.  I have been surrounded by great forward-thinking people that have truly inspired in me. And together we have conspired many great things. Hidden in a closet we’ve whispered the tiny “Why nots?” that turn cupboards into trees that reach far up into the sky. Standing on the wall (that infamous wall of indecision) we’ve screamed a rock shattering “let’s do it” and fallen firmly 12km north of where we started, well on our way to the impossible.

I don’t ask for much,  I just want a magical shovel that I can use to dig a brightly lit hole with. Into that hole I will pour the cyncism of the world. I will dump those “plans” that masquerade as new ideas but are really the chains of uncertainty and fear. A magical garden fixing, business building, shovel. And it will have sparkles on it this magical shovel of mine and maybe be rainbow coloured too. But I promise you, there will be absolutely no Dora the Explorer stickers on it. Not one.


The Environment and My Cold Toes

Apparently burning wood in my fire at home is bad for the environment and recently bad for the wallet. It costs a lot more to burn wood this year than last. In fact it costs so much that I could keep an electric oil heater running at 100% all day every day for 62 days or something ridiculous like that and still have change to buy a very attractive facehugging balaclava.

And there are all these sites about carbon, old and new and green and blue and all the reasons it is bad.

What about my feet? I have 3 pairs of socks and some uggboots and my circulation is doing ok but my toes and my nose are still cold.

There is no woodpile outside and I’ve concluded I would not last two minutes in Greenland. I AM trying hard to be angry about global warming but I’m really cold.

Finding Time

It was there a second ago, just after lunch I saw it. Where has all the time gone?

Tick tock except clocks don’t tick anymore and digital seconds are shorter and faster somehow. There is no waiting for the next, it is there and gone before you can count one-one thousand. 0101010101010 tick tock tick tock. Did you hear it skipping by over the tip tap of your keyboard?

Just two more minutes and I’m sure we’ll find the time.

It fell in between the cracks those so uncleanable cracks between your mouse rollerball and buttons. The problem is that while you can see it, all the gritty reality of it, you can’t find a way to control it, manage it, make it not fall  unexplainably back into the crack. You just keep running out of time.

Let’s make time. Let’s meet and make time. For each other. For the good things. Let’s make some time.

Such a good idea; to make time, clear the agenda, smell the flowers, take a walk in the wide open whatever and reflect. Soak up all the loveliness of time and not waste this wasting of time by feeling guilty over wasting time. Cherish the emptiness and listen for the seconds slip soundlessly from your digital clock. Why does it feel like making money? Why does it feel I suddenly have so much and can’t use it? Why is the time I spend with friends during these beautiful moments in time, just that? momentary, fleeting, all too quick?

Time, to get a grip.

It isn’t I that needs to hold onto time. It is time that needs to get a grip. Stop slipping. Stop skipping. Stop ripping from me all these precious things. I’m getting very cranky with time. Really it needs a good talking to.