Update on my life

Just wanted to say that I’ve finished with NaNoWriMo and would highly recommend it to anyone who catched themselves saying “yeah I’d love to write, but never have the time”. This program causes you to make time, and compete and complete over the course of one month and is so very worth it. I am sure when I actually *read* what I’ve written I will be completely embarrased by it – but what the hell, it was just a lot of fun :)



Incidentally, I am trying hard to complete my first NaNoWriMo.

Not because I am “a writer” or “a blogger” or any of those things. I think to get a label like that you have to do things properly. It would be like someone calling themselves “Doctor” when they like to put bandaids on your skin. I just have a problem with labels. Think of a jar of vegemite or iSnack 2.0 or whatever. They put the label on it so someone doesn’t have to list all the ingredients every time they want a salty Australian spread made from beer to put on their toasted bread with butter.

Labels make things easy for you. Easier to say I’m a writer but I wouldn’t be able to defend the fact that I don’t know the ingredients of a good story. I don’t even know the past principle tense of participate properly or how to spell aliteration. Furthermore, I don’t really want to know because the rules are meant to confine in order that others can understand.

I am pretty sure I’d be misunderstood if I said I liked being misunderstood but my point is that, being understood is not relevant. I write this stuff because it is fun, it clears my head and there is a lot of junk in my head. Vinnies won’t even accept it. NaNoWriMo will!

All I have to do is commit to 50,000 words for the month of November and upload it..and it will float off into the digital realm never to be seen again. What a weight lifted.. I can’t wait.

But I am struggling to stay on target, star wars style. So am taking a quck 5 minute breather to write some stuff in the park. Rest time is over.


The Best Childhood Your Child Can Have.

I really don’t care what magazines, tv or the Internet says about motherhood. There is so much advice and so much information I don’t believe it can all be right and I don’t believe it is right to try and follow it all either. Everyone has a different story and our parents and grandparents had stories that were no less about parenting than the ones we are creating today. What was different was that if their child was feeling sick, they didn’t spend minutes googling what it could possibly be. More quality time and all that jazz.

But you know something, when I was a little kid I don’t remember playing a lot of games with my mum and dad but I do remember being involved in whatever they were doing. If Mum was cooking, I was allowed to be in the kitchen and get things out of the fridge for her and eat things off the chopping board. If Dad was doing some work in the backyard, he would happily chat away to me while he worked. I didn’t go to preschool, early-learning classes, ballet, tennis, gymnastics, advanced drumming for toddlers. I was not entertained by parents who were working and yet trying to play the clown at the same time to amuse me. They loved my company, loved talking to me and loved me talking to them. For me it was the dream childhood. I have grown up complete and secure in the relationship I have with them.

Now I have my own children I am reluctant to “Give your child the best childhood they can have. Send them to Little Perky Performers today only $19 a class”. My reluctance has nothing to do with money, wanky advertising or a preference for swimming lessons over craft-building lessons over um Perky lessons. It has to do with the idea that the best childhood could be spent away from those who love a child the most. Will it make them a more rounded grownup or will it make them feel more distant from me? I am sure the Internet can answer that question but it shouldn’t because this is our story and it isn’t written yet.

If I’m lucky

Because I am lucky, I decided I must write something about that.

If I am lucky, I will get time to write this in the next week.

But I am lucky, because you will all understand and forgive and let live and move on.

I am lucky, like that but in so many other ways too.