Post Christmas Lethargy

Wow what a wonderful whirlwind christmas. This was my second time hosting Christmas lunch for more than just my husband and kids. I’m not some gourmet but I do love food and I particularly love cooking turkey at Christmas. I cook turkey at this time of year but at no other whereas ham and pork and lamb and fish we’d have throughout the year so it isn’t particularly a “christmas” food to my stomach.

So I bought a turkey not ridiculously big like I did the first year because I’d learnt I simply couldn’t fit a 7 or 8kg turkey in my oven. So I went for a 4.5kg one and stuffed it full of anything I had. Whole lemons, garlic, butter, onion, bread, even some sheds of ham off the leg we had opened in the morning. Then after crisping up the skin I turned the heat down and got the bird sozzled with a whole bottle of champagne. It was such great fun. I don’t know what you’re *supposed* to baste a turkey in. I actually don’t care cos this turkey was moist and yummy. Sure we had cranberry sauce but much tastier was the champagne gravy I made.

I feel like this Christmas I just dived in and swam – not thinking about stroke, not thinking about pace, not thinking about distance. You know something? It was a really good swim. Now I’m a bit tired, lethargic if you want to be dramatic – but it is the good kind of tired you get. I’m not emotionally drained from having worried too much about everything. My passing concerns of whether we had the right presents for the kids or whether the inlaws would show up for lunch were not given much time in my head. I just swam, enjoying the feel of the environment as I moved through it. Now we are on the other side of the river, looking back and actually feeling proud. It makes the tiredness feel well earned and seems to soothe the body just enough.

I am looking forward to many more Christmases with my family and pray that they will be as wonderfully easy, unpolitical and fun as this one.

Merry Christmas to all my friends and family, thank you for bearing with us through a very change driven 2009.