Keels Simple Diary

Keels Simple DiaryThe first time I wrote in a “proper” diary I think I would’ve been in year 6 so about 12 years old. It was part of  the class curriculum to keep a diary of what we did that day. The habit “kind of” stuck with the following years pouring out into diaries and journals of various shapes and sizes with equally inconsistent regularity.

Even as I started opening up my scrambly egg head to the Internets, I kept the sporadic beating offline as well. I have one diary offline that captures my entire adolescence. It is amazing!
But I rarely have time to read back on any of it.

Not the case with a present from my friend Karla. It is called Keels Simple Diary and it makes re-reading who you think you are, a pleasure. Each day contains some seriously great prompts to get you thinking differently about your day, or what you thought you would say. Each page for that day, is small enough to force even the most avid Twitter user to look for better ways to be succinct, while conveying meaning. Personal struggle with that, but worth it.

Because when you read back to that day when you lost your job and yet you followed the Keels prompts to say the day was “a cold shower” and you ticked “you cope”… it is more uplifting than reading your more verbose entry in the normal diary about how the  jerk who said “we don’t see eye to eye” was a shortsighted sexist moron who ran a boys club for brits and should be introduced to his inner-self by a car crusher.

Which diary entry is more indicative of how you might’ve felt?

I don’t know but Keel’s Simple Diary, certainly makes a good read, no matter who you are.


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