1. I haven’t been fired
2. I found a solution to a problem this week
3. My vote counted when it needed to
4. I did not break any bones this week
5. I danced across my loungeroom floor for a prayer answered


Yeah bite me

This is definitely going into random ranting so there can be NO mistake that I am nothing more than a fool, on rollerskates, wearing a hat that isn’t even very funny.

Do you ever get the feeling that whlie you were distracted by Door 1, Door 2 was opening and closing and people who were further back, who could see “the big picture”, were busy making use of those open doors?

Yeah.. I have no idea what I’m saying either.

That’s ok, you can’t expect to understand random ranting.

No insights here, move along.

Oh but I know I need to move along, but I need a consultant to come and tell me how to move along. Then I need a manual, and a process. Then I need some experts and a man in a dark suit with a device agnostic processs application that automagically copies in triplicate over a secure camel in order to pass through the eye of a needle.

It’s all utter rubbish, my friends. Prove me wrong.


Introducing Rosetta and Jacki Chan

Last week a dog attacked our chickens and killed Freddy. It was very very sad – but these things happen right? So we farewelled Freddy and buried her in the backyard. I was upset for Aidan as he loved her the best and it occurred one night amongst a whole host of other badness. It was all I could take. I’d been really happy with our chickens. They both had been laying eggs every day and were just happy hanging out in our garden and being picked up and cuddled by all of us.

So on the weekend we decided to get two more chickens to replace Freddy and Isabella the rooster – who had to go live on a farm.

David did a bit of research and revealed that Isa Browns only lay for a couple of years whereas if we had an Australorp or a Rhode Island Red we’d have eggs for the life of the hen. Good to know. Armed with this information and the Internet we soon tracked down the New Leaf Nursery on Powderworks rd in Elanora Heights that had pullets for sale. They had one Australorp and heaps of Rhode Island Reds so everything seemed perfect. We took the kids and discovered a great little nursery with not only plants but plenty of chickens, ducks, rabbits and guinea pigs. It was delightful!

I dived right into the pullet cage to catch our Australorp first. She was older than the others but not as old as Chilli at home. She was easy to catch. Her eyes, beak and vent all looked clean and she seemed very placid. Knowing nothing about chooks, I thought these were all good signs so I handed her over to the family while I attempted to catch one of the smaller red ones. This proved challenging in my big camboot! Finally I was able to get one and while she looked clean and happy she did give me a good peck for the insult of picking her up. I figured being a lot younger it was probably better that she came with spirit as I had read there is a bit of fighting that goes on when you introduce new hens to an existing coop.

We were all set and just about to pay when I realised the little red one was covered in lice! Grrr.. easy enough to treat (there goes another $100) but a hassle I wasn’t prepared for. When we brought her home we dusted all the chickens, clipped their wings and placed the two newbies in the coop for the day, leaving Chilli to free range and grumble at them from the outside.

By night time they all had to go in together and it was clear that Chilli would get along with the smaller Rhode Island just fine. Chilli did not however like the black Australorp and I can only guess it is because of her run ins with the magpies when she was a chick. The Australorp has stayed shy and skittish so we have a long road ahead to help them join the family.. at least they are not pecking each other to death yet.

So without another word.. introducing Aidan’s new black chicken the Australorp he named “Jackie Chan” and Katarina’s Rhode Island Red she has called “Rosetta”. The other hen of course is my husband’s “Chilli Chicken”.

TCP/IP but mostly IP

My internet is a funny place filled with funny little interactions and I really don’t spend much more time on it than that. The part of me that half-heartedly invested four years into psychology, likes to dig a little deeper into those human interactions. The rest of me, knows that half way through, I’ll be looking for a beer and a $2 plate of hot chips and gravy.

What continues to amaze me is the shallowness of it all, what do they call it? “the echo chamber” where things keep coming around and around and being repeated again and again. Very few can claim “I said it first” in a cavern of this size, instead we look for meaning in the value that we can add to any given statement. Are we achieving this or are we simply continuing the echo?

When I introduce people to Twitter, I try really hard never to say “don’t tweet your lunch, nobody cares”. It may be true, it may be what all the social media gurus say – but bloody hell – spambots aren’t tweeting their lunch either. They are retweeting and retweeting and repeating and repeating (sick of it yet?). It is your personality alone that makes you unique, that adds value to what you say and allows you to shine. If your lunch is spaghetti on toast every day, that’s who you are. That’s someone I might want to connect with – if I liked spaghetti on toast, which, as it so, happens I don’t.

Within these funny little interactions, I do find fascination in the idea of “intellectual property”.  Some companies say that what you produce while working for them belongs to them, it is their IP and purchased from you as a part of your contract. Yet if you take that information in the course of your contract and put it on a blog, or on twitter or post the entire thing to slideshare – who does it belong to then? It is in the public domain free to be downloaded and reused however others choose. While you work for the company, they may praise your social networking skills and your digital eminence, but when you leave, a crucial part of the work you do for them is now out in the wild free to be repeated and retweeted and retweaked ad nauseum.

How much thought do companies put into their social strategies? Do they really understand that having a voice in the echo chamber is wonderful, but at the same time when the echo does die down, the idea of ownership and property tends to die down too?

Set your content free, they cry.

Let your ideas fly, they cry.

But one day, the lawyers will get involved and quietly suggest that there is a cost to all of this freedom and flight. The question is, how will the companies respond?


ps My heading is borrowed from the thinkgeek baby suit we bought for our first born.. just in case anyone was wondering where they had seen it before and was concerned about ownership and IP.

Need a break

Here’s an open letter God.. maybe it’s a prayer maybe it is just like one of those letters we write to the newspaper in the vanity that there are others who feel like we do. After all God, a misery shared is a misery halved.. Or something like that.
I need a break God. I need a break from 2011. I know there is a master plan of some kind but this worker bee just wants a smoko, from all of the sadness, from all of the wrongs, from all of the natural disasters and human mistakes. It is not that I am ungrateful for all of the good in my life. I have more good than I need… but sometimes.. like 2011 to date, all the bad stuff gets under my skin and makes my whole self feel heavier.
I don’t really know how to lighten the load so I’ve been thinking of just putting everything on pause. Can you do that? Can you just pause the bad while we get back on our feet? I mean I don’t want a break from the good. I don’t want to miss out onKat going up another reading level at school but I do want a break from broken shoes and bully girls. And I don’t want a break from Aidan’s cuddles but I do want a break from his heart broken face when he finds out one of his chickens is gone.
Is it selfish to want only the good and not the bad? I guess so.