Chickens in drenchedcoats

Oh my poor chickens! This rain. Their stupidity. My lack of alternate accommodation options.

Because Chilli comes to us when we call her, we always assumed she was the smartest. Heavy rain and hail over the last few days has revealed that she is possibly the silliest of the three chickens. Night after night I am going out to the coop to find her either stranded outside or unable to see in the darkness and rain to get up onto the roost. The consequence of which is a very drenched Chilli chicken who looks more like a rat in drag than the regular egg producing chooky we’ve come to love.

I spent a good 20minutes drying her off tonight and put her into the coop on her roost, from which she immediately fell off and went squawking and running back out into the rain to our back door. *sigh*

Dumb chook.

I fetched her again, dried her again and put her back on the roost – this time with a bit more feed to keep her happy.

Walking back down to the house, by this time completely drenched myself,  I am sure I heard her cluck with delight.

Perhaps she isn’t as stupid as I thought.