Must do some research. Have been thrilled to find that I can take my wedding ring off for the first time in 5 years or so, and have had less and less puffy fingers. So it has been a little shocking to find in the last 3 days the puffiness has returned. My water intake has remained the same, perhaps even a little more due to the heat – so what is going on? I suspect the increase in sugar over Christmas is the cause and I need more water to compensate, but that’s not based on anything. I hate the feeling so much now, the tightness that makes my hands hard to clench. Anyway research research and more water!


So much

So much has happened this year and yet not nearly enough. The battle goes on and while I count less black squares on the calendar, I know how hard won those white squares are.
The rest falls like the frangipani leaves and my summer is too short. When does the questioning end? When am I finally convinced and content?