Loose change

I’ve been on such a high over the last few months that my feet are only just stirring the dust on the ground now. All the anxiety over Phuket melted in the heat of that place. Then my great big 35th birthday on the great big barrier reef, which was not as hot but just as anixety melting. All so blissful. Do you know that Karla carried that pecan pie all the way from Sydney to Cairns to Port Douglas and I had no idea and I had as many slices as I could because it was amazing and I was amazed.

Oh and I went diving.. (a lie surfaces).. if anyone ever asked, I had “dived” before, but I never detailed the amazing sights to behold at the bottom of mum & dad’s pool when attached to the dwindling leftover air in the scuba tanks by brother had been using. What’s the point in all that detail? Well, now I understand. Under the water on the great barrier reef, I swam amongst a school of fish as big as dinner plates. I saw the eery fatness of anchor chain, tethered to concrete blocks covered in the forest that grows from the seabed. I clutched a rock to keep myself as still as possible so I could watch Nemo dart in and out of his home. I spoke shallow and pointless things to one of these:

And more and more and more…and more to write on this.. but I’m too sleepy tonight and all that is going through my head is the need for change. It all has to change and soon.