New Years Resolution

I actually don’t believe in them.

Nevertheless I make them, with all the intention of keeping them for roughly the first month of the year where nothing is quite business as usual anyway.

This year, instead of the lose weight, get fit, try to stay out of the maw of doom.. I decided to choose a slightly more obtainable goal.


One comment, per week on any blog post that interests me that week.



See the problem with comments is that they can be misconstrued, they can be subverted, interpreted, bashed and rehashed. They can be kicked in the teeth if they presume to show any teeth and the very best we can hope for is that they are ignored altogether.

So why do it?

Because for such a very long time I have thought both sides of the equation. I have prepped for affirmative and negative. I have been a middle earth dweller and quite happy there, but it is a new year and time for a resolution. Now I resolve to choose a side. I resolve to make stand behind that which I choose to stand up for. For fun. To test the thickness of my skin and to target the thinly disguised reasoning behind my too shallow thinking.

First blog commented on already. Where on the world wide web could it be?