On Being Pregnant – 6 years later.

All my tests have come back positive.

Positive to pregnancy.

Positive to heartbeat.

Positive to all arms and legs and heart and brain of a new baby, being where they should be, right smack in the middle of my long forgotten uterus.

I’ve read back on what I posted about Katarina and Aidan. Kat quite a lot. Aidan hardly anything. I don’t know how much I will post about this baby to be – but I know I am genuinely excited and completely terrified and awfully sick.

It is very very different this time.

My GP joked that I am so much healthier and hormonally balanced than I was with Kat & Aidan that I am probably just experiencing a “normal” pregnancy. Well if that is true then take me back to abnormal.

I am thinking of keeping a Vomit Tally  because it is part of every single day at all hours of the day. My VT for today is at 3. My Cumulative VT is somewhere around 141. It is gross and awkward and I have to laugh.

I also have to laugh at my breasts. My enormous chest has gotten bigger and sorer than ever before. Lying on my stomach at this stage of the game is not a danger to the ewok2be but it is going to drive me crazy from the hot stabbing pains from my nasty overinflated mammaries.

To soothe myself I have just dished out for a blissfully beautiful big arse bra from some online store offering free delivery and free exchange and free advice for whinging women who just want to talk about their tits as terribly turgid torpedos of torment. I wanted to pay extra to have it delivered last month but sadly they didn’t offer that shipping option.

So the adventure begins.. in pain, in grossness, in expectation of the great joy ahead (beyond the delivery of a life-saving bra of course).