Starting something

Christmas 2012 gift of a writing course from John & Ingrid was pretty special but amongst work obligations and family life I didn’t know if I’d ever get to use it.

Well now I have the time.. so next Monday I’m starting my introduction to creative writing. It seems bizarre in one sense because I’ve always loved to write so to be “introduced” to it, well, what do you mean exactly? I’ve know writing all of my life. I guess a paid course should introduce me to how to write properly.. you know.. without all of .. these.. things.. everywhere. Oh and gramma and punctuation and grandma and perfunctuation. I expect to learn all of those things and become better at writing. The real problem is not learning the techniques but having the idea and at the moment I’m a few vowels short of an idea. I think I’d like to revisit my robot granny and the gay ninjas from NaNoWrimo 2009. I had such a wonderful time writing that. I didn’t like Adjacent Jacie as much because on re-reading I discovered too much inspiration taken from startrek and too many — far far far too many characters for my silly head to keep track of. I can’t help slipping into flippant half-baked humour when I write. I want to learn how to build more beautiful worlds with my words however. I want to learn how to describe the atmosphere of a place – rather than relying so much on dialogue. 

So anyway I am a bti nervous having not started/studied anything in years and years – but also a bit excited that I can put my energy into something that might evenutally help me produce the best #nanowrimo attempt to date. Wish me luck :)


3 months to go

Oh man I am so fat and this baby is so big already and there are still three more months to go! The forever affectionately nicknamed Chucky is a wakeful beast from 7pm to 7am every.single.night. I may as well go nocturnal now and sleep through the day like some big bottomed wombat.

If you lean in really really close.. you can hear my snoring..