One month later

Another 4 weeks lapsed and what have we achieved? I use the collective but I can’t count all of the things everyone else has been doing. It seems they all move and I stay still, yet we all have to get over this hill together.

Our unit has almost, almost sold after not selling at auction. We’re so happy someone will get enjoyment from that view. The money will pay off some loans and help with the renovations. However, we’ve been knocked back on 3 rental applications, so even though it looks like the builder can start building we have no where to live.

Then there is Thumper. The ever screaming, currently teething, never sleeping 10 month old. It’s great to think I can wean him and get back into the workforce but he is having none of that. All the games of peekaboo in the world aren’t easing his separation anxiety and he says no to formula, and no to letting me relax long enough to express. I guess one of us has to fight for things.

So I’m packing as if we’re moving.
I’m getting on childcare waitlists as if I have a job to go to.
And I’m wearing a smile like I still have hope.