Another 4 Weeks

I can hardly believe that I am sitting here in my new (temporary) lounge room, connected to the Internet and watching our media centre as if nothing had changed. But it has changed, so much has changed in such a short period of time. I am reeling from the blessings in my life right now. Most of these have come in the form of D’s parents who have gone above and beyond to support our move but others have come out of the blue and in quick succession;
– Finding a rental property
– Moving out in time for the builders to move in
– Finding a job with flexible working hours
– Finding a childcare centre that is beautiful and new and has a spot for the Thumper
– Finding two brand new teeth popping through Thumper’s gums
– Finding a landlady who is lovely and can sew
– Finding the courage to take an Indy leap.

Brewing in the back of my mind, in that sordid stew of negative thought is the idea that something bad must happen to counteract all of the good I’ve experienced. I almost can’t write this post, for fear of notifying some greater power of the inbalance in my life. Stop! Stop! You are going to throw off the entire world! Even this afternoon as I made the call to decline the amazing job offer I expected to be berated by the employer. Instead, I found them to be incredibly kind, understanding and gobsmackingly good natured about my obvious craziness. Please give them your attention because I wish them the very best.

So now I wait.. and see what comes up in the coming weeks as the house continues to come down. If these blessings can not continue, then at the very least the Internet and you, know how grateful I am.


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