The idea is to keep adding and adding.. just slowly of course as you stir and stir. Round you go again. Same old pot, same old circle, same old treadmill of days and events….until you realise you aren’t liquid anymore.. you’ve thickened.

All those fluid ideas you had, have slowed into glug and you suspect your days of sleeveless freedom are to be covered over and hidden from those young upstarts still dancing around in pretty circles or racing the circuit as if they can win. But give them time too, time, warmth, maybe a family and a job, maybe a house and a constant supply of delicious treats and then before they realise it, they will have thickened too.

I’d like to think this is a thickening of mind as well as body. It is a dulling down of everything that once shone so bright. Everything is that much heavier and slower that at times, it is like you were never quick witted and the fast pace of the world, is almost too much to bear. Thoughts are slower, words slower slower slower still.. until

I can feel like a stranger in my own world. I can see it and hear it all I think, but it’s all a bit muffled like I’m on the edge of a dream about to fall off into oblivion.

That’s why God invented mosquitoes.. so I’d have a need to slap myself every so often.



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