The basics.

A smile.
Just one day.
A hello kiss.
Closed eyes.


Washing Machine

Of course I knew the importance of the washing machine in my life. Three kids and an attitude of, just grab something to clean that up, means the washing machine is probably the most hardworking household appliance I have. Don’t propose the fridge or the oven or even the coffee machine – these sit there until needed and they are typically needed at very precise times of day or night. The washing machine has to be at my beck and call.. at anytime of the day or night to work hard regardless of how it is feeling or how old it is getting. What a thankless job, but how do you thank something so fundamental to helping clean up your life?

Bad news in the last month or so, the washing machine was ill. Its motor was struggling, its display oscillated between happy messages and depressed ones and most of the time it simply gave up mid-cycle with a hopeless sigh. I believed that it wanted to work,  but some part inside of it was broken or was slowly breaking and all of its plans for whatever future remained for it, were being left in a dirty heap.

We’ve had a lot of extended family support during this time. A lot of prayers have been said and research has been done but it’s been a very bleak existence and as a family we’ve held together with laughs and 80s tshirts.

Today the specialist came to talk to us. She had some wonderful news. The washing machine would be fine. There was no doubt it had to be monitored every quarter to see if anything further was breaking, but for now it would be fine. We could be normal again.

I don’t know if secretly the washing machine will be laughing at me, but I know how to say thank you now.. and I intend to say it for the rest of his life.