Sorry did you say something?

It’s been almost a year

A whopping wasteful year

And I’m here

Again.. looking around

Smelling the ground

And waiting for sound

Any sound, a sound of something, a heart breaking, a kite sailing, a dream taking flight, a rowdy night…. but I hear nothing so great.

Those cool types are talking and planning and standing

At their desks, so evolved

While my toes are curling and my arches are aching and all my extra coins are stuffed into my shoes.

But I’m meant to be grateful, bow my head and say Thank You

While they tower above and draw plans in the sky

And I’m meant to smile widely, open my arms to them widely and spread thinner and thinner until nothing is there

No me will be there,

Just a shell filled with air

Which is all that they need, they don’t really need me and they really don’t care.

So I slip out the back on my hobbling feet

I slip from their grasp of my well defined seat

And I with no fear

Boldly walk out of here

Because what are great voices, to absent ears?